You’ll Never Know It’s There Unless You Look

Autumn's Transformation
Autumn’s Transformation

“You’ll never know it’s there unless you look.” A quote by my son-in-law, Keith White, I envisioned using this quote with an awesome mountain photograph of mine, with his permission. The message being, of course, to take the time to look, recognize, and appreciate the beauty that our Heavenly Father has created for us to enjoy. In late November, after the mild summer days had long departed and the days were getting shorter, the air was brisk and the colorful leaves on the trees were just about gone except for a stubborn few, I went outside into my backyard. I am not even sure why I went out, but I did, and I wandered over to the south side by the cedar fence. What had been a perennial plant that flowers in late summer had become dried and preserved beautifully. I was amazed that I had never known about this transformation. I have had this plant for years, and yet I had never looked, therefore never knew what beauty it possesses in the fall. Keith’s words flowed through my mind: “You’ll never know it’s there unless you look.”

Have you found this to be true? What discovery have you made after taking the time to “look?”


Nature's Kaleidescope - My Backyard Discovery
Nature’s Kaleidoscope –
My Backyard Discovery





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