Wolves at Wolf People

A few weeks ago on a  very rainy, dreary day, Gayle and I traveled north to Cocolalla, Idaho where we planned to take a tour and see the wolves at Wolf People, a facility formed in 1993 by Nancy Taylor to educate the public about wolves. Nancy was reluctant to show us the wolves as they were wet and hence not the beautiful creatures that she wanted us to see. But she changed her mind, thankfully, and she introduced us to each of her wolves, told us how they came to live here, and some special stories about them.

This Saturday, on October 19th, I will lead a field trip for photographers of Spokane Valley Camera Club to Wolf People. This time, we will not only see all the wolves, but have the opportunity to photograph two wolves in their “picture pen,” a  5 acre wooded enclosure, with the trainer present. Nancy told me that if I’d like, I could choose the 2 pair of wolves that we get to spend time with. We will split our group into half, each having an hour. When not in the woods, the time can be spent seeing the other wolves in their enclosures.

If you had the opportunity to spend an hour photographing a wolf in the woods, which one of these wolves would you pick? 

This is Teto, one of the “babies.”

 Teto and his toy.
Teto and his toy.
Teto is 5 months old.
Teto is 5 months old.

I think this wolf below is my favorite. G28C8483 G28C8492 G28C8494They have been raised by humans, so most of them are curious and friendly.  G28C8501 G28C8503 G28C8508 G28C8509 G28C8514 G28C8518 G28C8522

This wolf above cannot  accompany us into the “picture pen” as he is known as “The Stealer.” He will grab anything loose that may be dangling. He is so beautiful, I just couldn’t leave him out. Nancy said that when they climb up onto that wooden box, he is showing off.

G28C8530 G28C8531 G28C8532

Nancy Taylor, owner of Wolf People.

G28C8536 G28C8538 G28C8544 G28C8553 G28C8561 G28C8564

Yes, this wolf dug these enormous holes and more. Nancy said that there is quite a tunnel system in this enclosure.G28C8566

This wolf reminds me of the one in the movie Dances with Wolves.

G28C8571 G28C8572 G28C8576 G28C8579

Which of these wolves do you think is the movie star? One wolf, named  Niwa,  will be in the upcoming movie, OR7-The Journey.

The “picture pen” where we get to photograph a pair of wolves has been used by National Geographic photographers, and the film crew from OR-The Journey.

I am looking forward to our trip back this Saturday, this time with the sun shining on a beautiful fall day. Click here to learn more about Wolf People.

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