The Disneyland Jars

G28C9628-2 G28C9731 When my friend and co-worker Jauna told me about the Disneyland Jars, I got excited. What a great “Success Story!” You may remember from a previous blog post I wrote, that success stories are one of seven important story themes that families or individuals should purposefully preserve for their family legacy and find meaningful ways to share them. It is with absolute pleasure that I share this story and some pictures I took on a recent photo session with them, with Jauna’s permission. We met in Liberty Lake County Park, the location where Jauna and Patrick had their first date!


When their daughter Emily was 4 years old and their son little Patrick was 1, they were given  a “Disneyland Jar.” For THREE years, Patrick and Emily had been saving money – ALL their money that they would get for birthdays, money they would find under couch cushions, and on the floor! It was mostly Emily because, well, she was 4! Patrick just did whatever his big sister would do. “Someday,” they knew they would go to Disneyland, but had no idea when that would be.

Fast forward to early September of 2015.  Jauna and her husband Patrick had a talk with Emily and little Patrick one evening. “We think that we should go somewhere fun before school starts…What are some of your ideas of where we could go?”

The children shouted out, “Silverwood Theme Park!… Swimming at The Y!… Have friends stay over!”

“Hmmm…Good ideas!…What do you think about Disneyland?” said Jauna.

” What! You aren’t REALLY considering Disneyland, are you?” Emily gasped in disbelief!

“Well, take a look in your suitcases!” Jauna had placed them off in a corner in the living room. What was inside? Their Disneyland Jars with all the money that they had saved, personalized luggage tags, and tickets to Disneyland!

The children jumped up and down and screamed, “We’re going to DisneylandI” We’re going to Disneyland!”


They took their jars to the bank, and turned those coins into bills- about $64 worth between the two of them. About two weeks later, the family did go to Disneyland together! I love this story of the determination of a four year old to save her money, and the wise parents who made the trip happen before she lost hope of going. Now they talk of the special  memories they have, and Emily informed me that they now have BOSTON jars! Ah yes, someday, no doubt they will be on their way.

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