Seeing Double with Bethany and Dan

Ethan and Logan, identical twins

Someday these boys will be pulling toys out of this trunk like their mother did when she was a little girl, but for now, it was the perfect size for sitting in.

I have been looking forward to photographing these two, ever since they were born about 8 months ago! Finally the day arrived, and on a beautiful fall day in early November, we started inside then moved outdoors amidst the fall colors.

The boys got to discover leaves for the very first time! All went well at first…



But all of a sudden, Logan got teary. I love this picture as Ethan seems to be comforting his brother. (Or is he pinching him?)

Daddy came home, and we all went for a little walk, discovering a wonderful place to take some family shots.  Ethan and Logan love to stand up, jump up and down, and it will quickly turn tears to smiles.

Fun with Mom and Dad


A Gorgeous Fall Day

The End

Thank you, Bethany and Dan! Each new day will be a new one of discovery for your little guys! I am so happy that I could preserve a few precious hours on this day with your family.

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