Memories from the Cabin

These pictures were taken many years ago, some of them when I was a child, by my father. Some of the best times we spent as a family were here for summer vacations at the cabin which belonged to my aunt and uncle.  The mountains of Utah looked much different than the farmland in Iowa!  I loved those mountains, the clean air filled with pine scent, and the mountain streams. At the bottom of this post, are the words to a song that I wrote about my memories of the cabin, and the stories to explain. Enjoy! cabin024 jared yng img190 vacation leonard katie img191 img189 img188 img187 img185 img184 img183 img182 img181 img180 img179 img178 img177 img176 img175 img174 img173 img172 img171 img170 img169 img168 img167 img164 img163 img162 img161 img158 img118 dad_marjorie0068 creek CABIN cabin (2) arm0187 00448Jared_cabin Jared_cabin 2 img953_ img160 img010 dance cabin_fun2 arm0218 snow-sign snow3 snow2 misc0012_cabin dad_antlers Copy of mary19760053 Copy of mary19760050 Copy of mary19760046 Copy of mary19760045 Copy of mary19760043 Copy of mary19760039 Copy of mary19760033 Copy of mary19760032 Copy of mary19760027 Copy of mary19760008 Copy of mary19760006 Copy of mary19760004cabin buehner_sm Buehner Cabin in Winter Time  7 Buehner Cabin in Winter Time 2 Buehner Cabin in Winter Time  6 Buehner Cabin in Winter Time  5 Buehner Cabin in Winter Time  4 Buehner Cabin in Winter Time  3

Memories from the Cabin 

To the cabin in the mountains each summer we go,                                                                    From farmland in Iowa, mountains were pure.                                                                               The clean air smelled like pine trees, the stream rushing by,                                                         No TV, just chipmunks, and mom’s apple pie. Indeed, no TV, so we had to make up our own entertainment. We went hiking, we sang, played games, fished, (that was my brother Jim) my sister Kay tried would sit on the porch for hours and try to catch chipmunks! My mom was a great cook and always brought special food – like an apple pie or two. 

Memories still linger of those blessed days,                                                                                 When children would gather, the firewood ablaze.                                                                         Our parents would teach us of God’s love divine,                                                                              Of the Savior’s atonement we would learn in the pines.  When I asked my mom what was her favorite memory, she said that she remembers a time when we all sat around the fire and shared testimonies that we had of our Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ. She said that the feeling that she had there at that time was something that she has never forgotten. 

The cabin had a tin roof and one day it rained,                                                                             Nancy was so scared, alone, and afraid.                                                                                          The family had gone for groceries, she knew what to do…                                                            Hid in the shower room, said a prayer or two. When I told this story at our family reunion, Kay and Jim (siblings) reminded me that it was not rain at all, but the aluminum roof expanding in the hot sun which made a crackling sound! I had forgotten that, but remember it now. AND Kay reminded me that I was NOT alone, she was with me and can testify to the fact that we did hide in the shower room and said many prayers before our family returned! 

In the cabin was an organ, but there was no sound                                                                               ‘Til feet pumped the pedals, then music abound!                                                                    Upstairs was the bedroom, with rows of beds,                                                                               You won’t get no sleep here, just giggling instead. I took piano lessons for most of my childhood, so it was a lot of fun to try to keep my feet pedaling while playing the organ keys. It took some coordination! Upstairs everyone slept in one big room with many beds. The stairs that went up were a very short distance from the front door…significant information for the next verse!

One night all were in bed and quiet filled the air,                                                                            The door latch, a creak, scary footsteps crept near!                                                                           “What was that Daddy, An intruder is here!”                                                                                    “You must go and find out, we are all filled with fear!”

Downstairs he rewound his pre-recorded tape.                                                                                    Went back to bed and waited for repeat.                                                                                        Concealing his laughter, pulled sheets to his head,                                                                      World records were shattered when Kris leaped from her bed! This, my father claims, was the best trick he every played. These are his own words of the incident: “One time our family and Kris Gregory were staying in a two story concrete block cabin…It had a large wooden front door, with a latch that made a rather loud clank when it latched. When we entered the cabin, we could walk directly up to the second floor, which was all open bedroom area.  One afternoon, when everyone was out hiking, I made a recording on a tape recorder, with the sound of the front door creeeeking open, creeeeking closed, the latch latching, and someone clomp, clomp, clomping up the steps. I left a blank leader so the tape would be silent for about fifteen minutes before the sound would begin. That night we said our prayers and settled down for a pleasant rest. I started the tape, and waited. After awhile the sound began and I ignored it. Everyone else was petrified. They insisted that I go see if anyone had entered the cabin. I went downstairs to assure them there was no one there, reset the recorder, and returned to bed. Soon, the unmistakable sound again. Now everyone was sure that Bigfoot or some other monster was coming up the steps and was going to murder us all! Kris was preparing to sleep in a bed right at the top of the stairway. When she heard the noise for the second time, she leaped from her bed, to another bed, approximately 10 feet away. I thought that was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I’m not sure Kris has ever forgiven me for that.” 

“Gotta go to the bathroom,” “No Problem,” Mom said,                                                                 “Just follow the path at the back to the shed,                                                                                  Plug your nose, pull the door, sit on the wood,                                                                          There’s a hole in the floor my dear, and call it good!”

To the cabin Kay and James came, newly wedded, in love.                                                          From the outhouse Kay cried, “My ring’s lost inside!”                                                                       “My darling, I’m so sorry, it slipped as I stood…                                                                                  Looking over the hole In the wood!”

“That ring was my grandmother’s, it must be found!                                                                  Please help me retrieve it!” The men came around.                                                                        Jim and Brother Fisher were ’bout to go down…                                                                                  When Kay yelled “Stop!” I confess, the ring’s safe and sound. Evidently, playing tricks run in the family when at the cabin. Kay really did play this trick on her husband, and she had to stop them when our brother Jim said, looking down into the hole in the outhouse, “I think I see it!” He and a friend from church, Brother Fisher, were about to “fish” for the ring.  

Memories I recall there, the mountain explored…                                                                              Donut Falls had a cave, it is no more.                                                                                           Rocks found at the Silver Mine, they looked for real…                                                                           “Fools Gold is all it is, I’m sorry, my dear.” I wonder where my rocks went!                           Donut Falls looked a lot different in days of my childhood! There was a cave that you could stand in behind the waterfall! I still remember the scent of the pines as we hiked to Donut Falls. 

To the cabin in the mountains, each summer we’d go                                                                 From farmland in I-O-WA mountains were pure.                                                                                  The clean air smelled like pine trees, the stream rushing by,                                                                 No TV, just chipmunks, and Mom’s apple pie!

(written by yours truly, July 2014 for the Evans Family Reunion)









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