Lisa and Hung Family Pictures


Paige, Lisa, Hung, Dakota, and Corbyn

On a beautiful summer Sunday evening, I went to the Brower home where I took these pictures of Lisa, Hung, and the girls. It was bitter sweet, for I knew that the next morning they would be leaving on a new adventure. All their belongings in a moving truck, they were relocating to South Dakota, where Hung had begun a new job. They had been apart for many months, but finally their home in Kennewick had sold, and they were so happy to know they could all join Hung and be together again! Hung flew back to drive the moving truck to their new home. They all looked so happy. A good night to take pictures!


Paige, Corbyn, and Dakota

Goofing Off

Corbyn and Lisa

Going back in time to July 1, 2012, these 2 pictures were taken after Church in Kennewick, WA.  We had traveled there for the week-end to help them get packed up. The reflection in the windows are the homes across the street.  

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