Intense Sunset

Last night I witnessed an eerie scene as the sun set. A light rain had dampened the streets, and the unusual intense red in the sky reflected the color into the water below. After having attended Stake Conference meetings on Saturday and Sunday where testimonies of our Savior Jesus Christ were born, the scene before me immediately reminded me of the atonement of Jesus Christ. He atoned for the sins of the world, He bled from every pore so that we can be made perfect like He and our Heavenly Father. The scene before me looked like a river of blood on the ground, as if the earth were also witnessing of the atonement. I am filled with gratitude for my Savior and His redeeming love so great I do not comprehend it. But I will try. I am glad that I witnessed this scene if only for only a few minutes, before it disappeared.Intense Sunset

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