Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We went to Mineral Ridge and Higgins Point to view the eagles, an event we happily look forward to every year at this time. This trip was very special, because we watched an eagle near us fly off his perch, swoop down to Lake Couer d’ Alene, pull out a fish, and return to a tree very close to us where he devoured his catch. We had never witnessed this in all the years we have been going. I thought I would share a few of my pictures. I have a new understanding of the term “eagle eye.” It is amazing to me how an eagle can see fish swimming in a lake and swiftly pull it out. Focus and speed. I think the eagle will be my mascot this year as I have set goals to accomplish. I will keep my eagle eye on my goals and swiftly progress toward accomplishment. G28C1375


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