Flowers and Family

Flowers take some time to blossom, growing from either a seed or returning perennial. And when they do reach their full perfect bloom, the window of opportunity to enjoy is short for some before they begin to dry out and wither. I guess that is why I appreciate viewing blooming flowers for I know its beautiful manifestation will last only a few short days.

From my garden

This summer I had times when a beautiful manifestation of another kind opened up to view: Two vacations allowed us to have some special time with our family. Everyone seemed to show an outpouring of love for one another. It was a time of family members working, playing, and helping one another.

We began our vacation by doing some service. I visited my parents and helped them with some things that would be very easy for me, but impossible for them to accomplish. My husband, Gayle, helped our son put in a wood floor. Several days later, we went camping.

When three of our children and their families met us to go camping at Redman Campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, with no convenience store on site, in spite of all the preparation, it was inevitable that a few things  would be forgotten.

Big enough for 16 people. Redman Campground, Utah
Big enough for 16 people. Redman Campground, Utah

That has the potential to create some stress and people’s attitudes can turn sour. But THIS trip was very special. Missing stakes were replaced by extras that another had brought. Forgotten shampoo created an opportunity to share.

H braids K hair
H braids K hair

A cold night with insufficient blankets resulted in a sleepless night for some, but found relief when one returned home and brought warm bedding for all in need. Food preparation and cooking were shared responsibilities.

E & T cooking breakfast.
Breakfast is served

What did we do for three days? Unplugged ourselves and sat around the campfire. Roasted hotdogs and made smores. Went hiking together on several occasions on child friendly trails. (Silver Lake, Lake Mary, Donut Falls).

A light drizzle couldn't stop us
A light drizzle couldn’t stop us
On the Silver Lake Trail
On the Silver Lake Trail

Hand in Hand

Enjoying some precious moments.

We appreciated the time we had together, because many miles separate us when we have to say goodbye. G28C6419

 H  carried  E up and down the mountainsides.
H carried E up and down the mountainsides.
Taking a break.
Taking a break.

G28C6401 G28C6350


Children made up their own games and entertained one another: they played in the  woods and howled like wolves. Sang and danced on the  boulders that become their stage.

K stands on a boulder and gave a mini-concert.

Ballerinas of the forest
Ballerinas of the forest



I was delighted to find my Aunt and Uncle’s cabin where I spent some choice vacations with my family when I was a child. I grew up loving these mountains and this cabin.


The children drew pictures on a pillowcase they could take home for a remembrance. I hope their memories will be as sweet as my childhood memories at the cabin.

While the rain fell the children made pictures on their pillowcase.

In short, my heart was full of gratitude for the beauty of our surroundings and my children and grandchildren who came and contributed their part to making this one of the BEST camping trips ever. You are my roses without thorns.

A wild rose discovered at Silver Lake.
A wild rose  at Silver Lake.

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