Cory and Rueger

If there ever was a dog and his master that deserve to be together for eternity, it would be Rueger and Cory.

My heart is flooded with emotion as I look at this picture I took of my son and his dog in 2010 . The two of them were inseparable for over 15 years. Sadly, Rueger passed away on December 19, 2017.

Rueger became a part of Cory’s life when chosen from a litter of pups that were destined to go to the pound if they were not claimed by a new owner.  As I watched my son raise this pup, I was impressed with his dedication to his companion.

Rueger went to work with Cory every single day. While Cory was on a top of a structure installing a new roof, Rueger would be either in the truck or outside on a long leash. They not only went on regular walks together, they also they went on campouts, fishing trips and to visit friends. My son chose to not to go anywhere his dog could not go.

I am glad that the two of them were at our family reunion last summer. Seeing Cory in the boat fishing and his trusty companion by his side is a sweet memory.

When Rueger became ill, Cory took him to the doctor for treatments and nursed him back to better health. And when Rueger became as old as a grandfather, and could not see, smell, or hear very well anymore, Cory would patiently coax him to go up and down the stairs, and sometimes carried him. My son was so respectful of his old friend.

Now that he is gone, I can’t even imagine the loneliness that Cory must feel. I would like to think that someday they will be reunited, just like families can be forever together.

Yes, if it’s true that all dogs really go to heaven, Cory and Rueger will spend eternity as pals.

Cory and Rueger in 2010
Cory and Rueger in 2010

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