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Writing Family Stories, Page 2

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The Black Walnut Tree

My neighbor asked me if I knew who planted the walnut tree that is about 20 feet behind our fence on her …


Our Home’s Transformation

For my husband’s birthday, I chose to create a book through Shutterfly that helps us remember and celebrate the hard work it took …

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Memories from the Cabin

These pictures were taken many years ago, some of them when I was a child, by my father. Some of the best …

Daughters and Sons of Rosa June - Sandy, Gary, Sharon, Linda, and Gayle

Remember When?

  We take our life stories and memories for granted, thinking they will always be in the back of our mind to …

Peaceful Slumber

Introducing Olive

  When a baby is born, each family member’s life is affected in some way, and most of the time, it is …


Three Sisters Come Home

Not long after returning from our trip to Utah, our three daughters, Jennie, Heather, and Lisa,  arrived for a visit. We got to enjoy Heather on …