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Writing Family Stories

Intense Sunset

Intense Sunset

Last night I witnessed an eerie scene as the sun set. A light rain had dampened the streets, and the unusual intense …


Heaven’s Love Surrounds Us

Christmas has come and most people by now have put away all the trimmings. Before I put every last item away, I …

You Raise Me Up

You Raise Me Up

This morning I heard the words to a song, and a memory flashed back from 2004. We were in Big Cottonwood Canyon …

Jauna and Patrick

The Disneyland Jars

When my friend and co-worker Jauna told me about the Disneyland Jars, I got excited. What a great “Success Story!” You may …

Close up

The Black Walnut Tree

My neighbor asked me if I knew who planted the walnut tree that is about 20 feet behind our fence on her …


Our Home’s Transformation

For my husband’s birthday, I chose to create a book through Shutterfly that helps us remember and celebrate the hard work it took …