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Spiritual Walk

Minnie Mary Margaret Leisenberg and Charles Franklin Babbel celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary

Stories and Silverware

Stories and Silverware When it comes to hearing stories about my ancestors, the one that I grew up hearing most often (the …

Cory and Rueger in 2010

Cory and Rueger

If there ever was a dog and his master that deserve to be together for eternity, it would be Rueger and Cory. …

Intense Sunset

Intense Sunset

Last night I witnessed an eerie scene as the sun set. A light rain had dampened the streets, and the unusual intense …


Heaven’s Love Surrounds Us

Christmas has come and most people by now have put away all the trimmings. Before I put every last item away, I …

Life and Death

A Matter of Life and Death

In the last three weeks I have attended two funerals. One for a baby who  lived 13 days, and the second for …