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Cory and Rueger in 2010

Cory and Rueger

If there ever was a dog and his master that deserve to be together for eternity, it would be Rueger and Cory. …


Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We went to Mineral Ridge and Higgins Point to view the eagles, an event we happily look forward to …

Intense Sunset

Intense Sunset

Last night I witnessed an eerie scene as the sun set. A light rain had dampened the streets, and the unusual intense …

Close up

The Black Walnut Tree

My neighbor asked me if I knew who planted the walnut tree that is about 20 feet behind our fence on her …

arm0218 copy

Memories from the Cabin

These pictures were taken many years ago, some of them when I was a child, by my father. Some of the best …

Flowering Cosmos

Flowers and Family

Flowers take some time to blossom, growing from either a seed or returning perennial. And when they do reach their full perfect …