Before You Can Cross the Bridge…

Traversing a mountain stream

In June of 2012 Gayle, my husband, and I visited one of our favorite places…Glacier National Park. We hiked on the trail to Cracker Lake in a misty rain and due to weather conditions did not go the entire distance. But we had an experience that day that left an impression which I would like to share. The trail led us to a place you see above in the picture. We either had to hike in the swift moving stream or go up and over the boulder to get to the bridge which connected the trail on the other side of the stream. For us there was no question – we would have to go over the boulder if we wanted to cross the bridge and continue on our journey. It was not easy, especially for me. But with Gayle’s encouraging words, I did it and soon we were both back on the trail.

When I look at my picture I took that day, it reminds me of the choice I had to retreat and quit, or put fear behind me and start climbing. Sometimes in our everyday life we have boulders  that keep us from “crossing the bridge.” They come in many sizes and forms and our progression is curtailed until we deal with the obstacle in the path.  But when we overcome them, what a glorious thing to be able to go on! Around that corner, a whole new world opens up to view. 


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