A Visit to the Church History Museum

Whenever we visit Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah, I love to go to the Church History Museum across the street. In February we were there for RootsTech, a Family History and Technology Conference and made a point to spend a few hours seeing the items on view that are important in the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. I left with an increase in faith and appreciation for the things they suffered. On the 2nd floor was a display of the 10th International Art Competition. It was interesting to see the creativity that was used by artists to create pieces of work based on the theme “Tell Me The Stories of Jesus.”  I was allowed to take pictures and share my experience with you. Click on the link above to see or read more.

G28C2440 G28C2442 G28C2443 G28C2448 G28C2450 G28C2451 G28C2453 G28C2456 G28C2457 G28C2459 G28C2460 G28C2464 G28C2465 G28C2466 G28C2467 G28C2468 G28C2470 G28C2471 G28C2473 G28C2474 G28C2475 G28C2477 G28C2478 G28C2479 G28C2480 G28C2482 G28C2484 G28C2485 G28C2488 G28C2493 G28C2496 G28C2497 G28C2498 G28C2499 John Taylor's Watch G28C2501 G28C2502 G28C2507 G28C2509 G28C2511 G28C2513 G28C2516 G28C2518 G28C2519 G28C2521 G28C2523 G28C2527 G28C2528 G28C2530 G28C2532 G28C2535 G28C2536 G28C2537 G28C2539 The Church History Museum

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