A Letter to My Mother

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Today is Mother’s Day, and I want to pay a special tribute to you. I love you with all my heart because you were and are such a wonderful Mother. As I have been reflecting on my childhood lately, I’ve been thinking of all the wonderful things that you did to fill our lives with special meaning.

Every day coming home from school, you were there and had prepared a nice snack for us. You often baked cookies, homemade bread, and other delicious treats. I appreciate so much all the extra work you went to, and the wonderful aroma that filled the house.

Thank you for sewing much of the clothing that I wore. I loved the matching outfits that you made for yourself, Kay and I. I don’t remember them, but I’ve seen them in pictures and they were so cute. You sewed a lot in those growing up years. I don’t think I always appreciated it during my teen years. I remember one Easter I just wanted a “store bought” dress and that is what I got. I was sorry for it though. I didn’t tell you then, but I really didn’t like it. That’s the last time I asked for a store bought dress. I am aware that you stayed up in the wee hours of the morning sewing for us kids, especially before Christmas.

You were not afraid to try anything. It seems at Christmas time you would learn a new skill that you had not ever done before and mass produced it for gifts for many people. One year there were beautiful candles, another, pillows that were beautifully gathered with beads in them. One year you made necklaces. I still have mine. Beautiful quilts. Christmas was always a special time at our house. The baking went on for days, maybe weeks. Rolled sugar cookies with colored icing was  my favorite. You loved the cookies with the Hershey’s kisses on top (as you recently told me). It would not have been Christmas without your homemade caramels which we would help to wrap up in wax paper and fudge.

Thank you for singing as you worked around the house. I think that is so special. I always have music in my head going most of the time, but I never sing out loud like you did. Thank you for taking me to piano lessons when I was young, and not letting me quit.

Thank you for your example of service. I remember when you and dad  took in a carload of students who had been in an accident on their way home during the Christmas holidays. The details are vague now, I just know that you were always there to help someone in need. You were always sharing your newly baked items with someone. You cooked in large quantities so there would be enough to share.

I think the greatest example of service you showed me was when you cared for Grandma and Grandpa Evans, and Grandma Wonder. They lived in our home and you cared for them when they needed the  help the most.

Thank you for teaching me about Heavenly Father and His son, our Savior Jesus Christ. I’ve always known that there is more to this life than ourselves. There is purpose and meaning to our existence. I am glad that you found the gospel and recognized it’s worth. You are a woman of faith.

And now in this stage of your life, I never cease to wonder how you keep a good attitude in the midst of chronic illness. I pray angels attend you day and night to guard and watch over you. I am blessed to have a mother like you. Thank you for giving me life, and raising me so that I could become the person I am today.

All My Love,   Nancy

Mother Love
Mother Love


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